New Adventure

My flatmate will be moving to Fukuoka in the near future to be with his wife, I think I will fly out and have a look for moving opportunities.

A Word on TAXES


Dubai in the Mist

On the way to work yesterday.


March 29 Dubai Thunderstorm

When lightning hit the world's tallest tower! For a half hour lightning hit the tower and the thunder sounded all over the neighboring areas!



OK Kiddies, its time for another MEGA POST! it has been too long and I finally had a little time to spare so, I updated the blog page. Hope everyone enjoys. More to follow.....

Things that make me giggle

Here are just a few thinks that have made me smile lately. You may have seen them before.
Anyone who gets this one wins a prize!

These two reminded me how I'm getting royally screwed on taxes this year after working 84-100 hours a week in support of my government!

After the gym

Going to they gym makes me look angry. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go.

Thougth I was the only thing here from Iowa.

Was in the hyper market and saw this on the shelf. I don't see many things from my birth place on the other side of the world.

Slow Cooking Wed.

So, my new thing on my day off after drinking all night Tue is cooking. This week was traditional Irish Stew. started with 2.2lb Lamb, 3 Carrots, 2 Onions, and 5ish potatoes.
Lamb in the bottom of the slow cooker, then potatoes.
Next the sliced onion, try not to cry
Finally, carrots and assorted spices and Chicken Broth
Lastly, play X-Box and drink rum and coke for 7-9 hours until ready to eat.
Oh, it was GOOOODDDDD!